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Terms of Submission

Terms of Submission

Last Update: September 4, 2015

Follow these guidelines to submit your website for inclusion into this sports web directory. By using this website you agree to the Terms of Use and by submitting to Add Listing you agree to the Terms of Submission.

• Find the best category for your site and apply. If (Lock) is shown, the category is not available, see (+) subcategory.
• Fill in the general fields and Hover pointer over Question Icon (?) for help.
• Read the Terms of Submission and check the box to agree.

1. Suggest listing guideline:
a. Apply to one appropriate category. Do not submit multiple add listing submissions with the same listing URL applied to different categories.
b. Website should be written in the English language or with an English version available.
c. Title - Use official website name, may contain first letter capitalization of each word.
d. Listing URL - Your homepage URL (
e. Description - Write a unique description in a logical sentence format with correct spacing, spelling and proper grammar.
f. No excess capitalization, repeated or punctuation of words.
g. Email - (name at should match URL domain name ( of submitted website. Email will be used for notifications.

2. Suggest listing submission plan options:
a. Regular listing is Free.
b. Featured listing selected by website administrator.
c. Sponsored listing is not available.

3. Do not submit to suggest listing with:
a. Profanity or violence in any form.
b. Drugs, pharmaceutical, medication, gambling, betting or casino-related content.
c. Sexual acts, pornography, adult or mature content in nature.
d. Any other content that promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal right of others.
e. Discrimination, prejudice, hate or violence against any individual, group, or organization for their race, color, national origin, religion, disability, handicap, gender, or sexual orientation.
f. Affiliate link, referral link, redirect link, dead links, parked domain, under construction, little or no content.

4. We reserve the right to:
a. Modify any and all website listings.
b. Modify the title and description of your website listing.
c. Move your website listing to another category.
d. Approve or Disapprove the submitted website listing.
e. Delete your regular website listing without prior notification.
f. Change or modify the Terms of Submission policy without any notification.

The submitted web site will be reviewed to meet the Terms of Submission and must enhance the directory at our discretion. Not all web sites are accepted.

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